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Is a Joint Venture the Right Financial Move for You?

A joint venture may be the right choice for you if you have an idea for a new business but lack the funding needed to pursue it. When you enter into a joint venture agreement with an individual or with a company, you work together as a team to bring your business concept into fruition. Together, you form a single business entity with the sole purpose of introducing your product or service to the market and then seeking expansion for it.

At Global Private Group, we can offer you a joint venture business relationship when you contact our company and request the necessary forms to apply. As one-half of the joint venture, we retain a pre-determined percentage of ownership in your new company. Additionally, we earn income from charging interest on the loan provided to you to start your business. In most cases, you must repay the principal loan balance plus the interest to us in full before you are able to collect a salary from your new business venture.

If you are interested in learning more about a joint venture relationship, we ask that you fill out the contact form on our website. You need to provide your name, company name, email address or telephone number and your company website, if applicable. We would also appreciate a brief description of your situation. Upon receipt of your form, we will contact you shortly to schedule in initial evaluation.


What is the Significance of Mergers and Acquisitions?

Mergers and Acquisitions are when two become one. Two businesses, usually in the same industry, unite to pool their resources. There are various types of acquisitions and mergers which are an increasing business trend in various industries.

These acquisitions and mergers can provide numerous advantages for the merging parties. For example, the most obvious advantage that a business merger brings is an expansion of the financial scope and resources of the newly merged business. Acquisitions and mergers can therefore provide new possibilities.

Diversification is another buzzword of mergers and acquisitions. When two businesses with no common business areas merge this is conglomeration. If the two businesses are more unique then a merger can ensure a more diverse product portfolio. This is especially the case if the target business is in a different industry. 

Mergers and acquisitions are also another factor behind business monopolies and uncompetitive industries. From a more general economic perspective monopolies can be considered a disadvantage of acquisitions and mergers. For example, the Microsoft OS monopoly ensures that there is little in the way of alternatives to the Windows OS, except perhaps the Linux OS and the Apple Mac OS.

As such, the more general economic advantages of acquisitions and mergers are more debatable. Industries can become less competitive as smaller businesses merge with larger ones. However, for the business stakeholders mergers and acquisitions can have undoubted advantages, especially their investors if the business is a public limited company.


Global Private Group's Professional Investment Banking Services

At Global Private Group, we understand the importance of increasing funds in the growth, as well as success, of a company. We have made it our mission to help our clients accomplish their financial goals through our entrepreneurial expertise as well as other valuable Wall Street and other industry resources.
One of the most successful ways companies can increase their wealth and reach their financial goals is through investment banking. Our carefully selected staff members can guide clients through this process and work with them every step of the way to ensure that they get the results they want.
            One of the greatest benefits of our investment banking service is that we can provide our clients with the invaluable resource of creative and, of course, relevant financial information. As mentioned before, our staff consists of some of the brightest, most creative minds who have backgrounds in a variety of industries. They have experience as entrepreneurs, executive corporate leaders, mergers and acquisition specialists, as well as in other areas where they have had to deal with the financial market firsthand.
Because of this additional knowledge, our firm can better understand the goals of our clients and determine what the best financial opportunities are for them to reach it. Even during times when there appears to be no financial prospects in the market, our professional counselors will find the hidden break that you can take advantage of. For more information about our investment banking services, as well as other wealth management services, please visit our website today.


Funding Sources for New Businesses and Project Finance

When there is a new business that is first starting out, there is always the issue of funding and project finance that the person setting out has to answer. Fortunately, there are a number of sources that people can use in order to start up their own business.

One source of funding that is often over looked is that of the federal government. The federal government has made it a point to set aside funds for business ventures and exploration. For every administration, there is the issue of growing jobs and seeing that people have a place of work, so the federal government has funds that are available for project finance. People can apply for the funds in order to start up their business.

Banks are another source of funds for people seeking to start up a business or to fund a project. Banks love to loan money. It is the means by which they earn money and grow. When a person comes in the bank to borrow money, they will often have a plan that they present to the lender. If the lender likes what they see in the presentation, then they will lend the money to the borrower.

Another source of funds that can be used for project finance is that of private lenders. Private lenders are private companies or people who make it a point to lend money to aspiring people. Aspiring people are ones who have a vision and a plan on how to attain their vision. Usually the funds that are loaned out will have to be paid back with interest, but they can be used as the borrower sees fit so their vision can take on a tangible state.

One final source of funds that some people overlook is that of friends and family. Money can be borrowed from just about any source. The only issue with borrowing from individual people is that they usually want their money repaid quickly. Make sure that there is a plan set in place when borrowing from friends and family.


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