Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Medium size Solar Manufacturer has secured EUR139 Million in financing from Global Private Group (GPG) to invest in several solar plants in the Southern Europe. This expansion brings Global Private Group’s fully operational solar portfolio to over 130 MW, with a total investment to date of approximately EUR620 Million. The Solar Manufacturer has built and project financed several of their solar plants with Global Private Group (GPG) as the sole Lender. This latest investment underlines a successful 20 months for the Solar Manufacturer, a period in which it has constructed approximately 20 MW of solar plants, following the expansion of the team in 2012. Southern Europe remains at least in the short term an attractive place for solar investment, particularly in selected sectors like rooftop mounted PV plants of less than 1 MW and small size residential and commercial plants sectors in which the Solar Manufacturer is already well positioned and moving aggressively. The CEO of the Solar Manufacturer says: "We are excited to announce the continued expansion of our business, which strengthens our regional diversification and brings our total solar developments across Europe to over 130 MW. Despite the challenging economic backdrop, we remain confident in the continued growth of our Company and look forward to reporting further substantial progress." The CEO further says: "This latest successful financing achieved in one of the most challenging economic environments is a testament to the strength and strategy of our company. While funding across the Eurozone is becoming scarcer, we have succeeded in securing support from Global Private Group (GPG) and strong partnerships with Global Private Group (GPG), allowing the continued growth of our solar business." Global Private Group is one of the largest and most experienced project finance groups in the world compromising more than 300 dedicated specialists in our offices worldwide who are fully qualified to provide financial services and products. Stable financing, efficient execution, expert solutions and customer service are how we help clients succeed. Our broad range of lending products in the areas of corporate lending and investment banking, combined with access to strong capital base; allows us to execute financing that supports your business objectives. Our deal professionals' industry expertise and attention to your goals during every step of the loan process allows us to offer solutions that help you achieve success. GLOBAL PRIVATE GROUP info@globalprivategroup.com (888)-249-0213 http://globalprivategroup.com

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