Monday, February 13, 2012

How Can Structured Finance Help Your Corporation?

Corporations turn to structured finance when they are in need of additional capital for new projects, expansions, recovering from losses, etc. Here at Global Private Group, our professional Structured Finance team works with our Investment Banking and Global Wealth Management teams to help clients raise the capital they need to reach their monetary goals. Our teams strategize with clients on how they can use unconventional means to meet financial expectations as well as create low-risk investment products for our investors.

How do our teams accomplish these goals?
Our Structured Finance team is comprised of top professionals who use their extensive financial knowledge and past experiences to access debt capital markets and to generate liquidity via credit enhancement as well as customize financial structures based on the parameters directed by our investors. Our experts then work with:
  • Acclaimed banking institutions
  • World development funds
  • Export credit agencies
  • Insurance companies
  • Governmental institutions and more in order to issue financial risk instruments and contracts as well as assist in raising low cost capital for our clients.
With structured finance there are many different instruments advisers can use to gain the capital they need. Some popular instruments include asset-backed securities, commercial mortgage-backed securities, credit derivatives, as well as many, many more. 

We understand in today's strained economy things are constantly changing as people are now criticizing Wall Street more than ever. For this reason our Structured Finance teams are constantly thinking ahead, strategizing new methods to help clients get the low-cost capital they need by spreading projects' risks across multiple financial institutions.


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